Frequently Asked Questions

What is Littlest Brainrot?

Littlest Brainrot is the first-ever central source for purchasing genuine Littlest Pet Shop toys and tracking LPS wishlists and collections. It began as an eBay business in 2021 by YouTuber and LPS collector ccrtelevision, and was later expanded after noting the community's many frustrations with finding trustworthy sources of Littlest Pet Shop. With over 15 years of collecting experience and keen knowledge of the LPS community's needs, ccrtelevision developed Littlest Brainrot as a platform dedicated for serious collectors.
Later, co-founder Noah from the UK was brought onto the team. Being based in both the US and UK, Littlest Brainrot is able to source country exclusive pets that are hard to find outside their native lands. Now, it's so much easier for LPS lovers around the world to grow their collections! To learn more about the co-founders, click here!

Why don't I receive the exact pet in product pictures?

Back when Littlest Brainrot was exclusively on eBay, Carter would take pictures of every LPS he listed, even if there were multiple pets of the same condition. While this is helpful for seeing the exact condition of what you were purchasing, taking photos and listing them individually took hours of time and ultimately slowed down the restocking process. With this new system, LPS are able to be added to the site as soon as they arrive at our locations, meaning large restocks can happen multiple times a month!
Don't worry, we won't keep you in the dark! If you are curious to see the exact condition of a certain pet, please contact us and we'll respond promptly with photos of our current stock!

Why is my order being shipped from two different places?

Littlest Brainrot is run in two locations, one in the United States and the other in England. Sometimes, an item will be available in both locations, and other times it will only be available from one.

How did you determine prices for every Littlest Pet Shop?

There are lots of factors involved! We developed our price system over many months of researching the LPS marketplace. During this time, we analyzed data of recent LPS sales across several different sellers to determine a fair price for every individual pet. Also included in our prices is the cost of labor involved in cleaning the LPS, advertising, and general store upkeep.
You may notice that some pets are priced much higher than others! This is because we also base prices off rarity and scarcity. You'll find that many of our higher valued LPS were released as singles, blind bags or were store or country exclusives. These pets generally exist in much lower quantities than most of our stock, and some rarely show up online at all.

We hope this answers any questions you may have had about our LPS business! If this page didn't answer your question or you'd like to pick our brains, you are more than welcome to contact us!