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Major Site Update, Giveaway Winners, and Moving Sale!

by Carter Television 07 Jan 2024 0 Comments

šŸŽ Dream LPS Giveaway Winners šŸŽ

Hi everyone!!! ( *ļ½€Ļ‰Ā“) Littlest Brainrot is back with tons of updates to start the year off strong! I've recently sent emails to the 3 winners of the Dream LPS Giveaway, so make sure to check your inbox if you made an order during this time. One winner has already claimed their prize and has an adorable alligator on the way! If the other winners don't respond I'll be passing the prizes on. I'll keep this announcement updated until all the winners get their prizes!

šŸ› ļø Site Overhaul + New Features! šŸ› ļø

The bugs, the broken menu, the nonexistent wishlist... IT'S ALL FIXED! ^0^ I've completely redone the website with a new playful color scheme, better navigation, a new archive section featuring book scans, and a brand-new section for custom bases!! The site theme isn't completely finished, but it's functional and that's what matters to me. There are more features and improvements coming, but for now, it's looking pretty epic!

šŸ“¦ Moving Sale šŸ“¦

I'm moving across the country in a few weeks, and I don't want to bring all my LPS stock with me. So if you're looking for a deal on LPS, you'll love to know that the entire store is 15% off! This deal was only available during Black Friday, and it won't be coming back for a while! I don't have the exact date for when I move my stuff, but I'll give a heads up because the store will be temporarily closed during this time.

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