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Update on Shipping Delays

by Carter . 12 Mar 2023 0 Comments
TL;DR There have been a few mistakes in shipping that I will be correcting on Monday, March 13. If you have been waiting a while for your order, you will receive updated tracking info. This will not be happening again and won't affect future orders ^^

Hi there, thanks for reading! Littlest Brainrot is just a few weeks old now and I'm really grateful for all of your support! I know that some of you are facing delays and not receiving up-to-date tracking information on your orders, so here's an update so you're not in the dark!

I've switched my LPS business from entirely on eBay to now being primarily on Shopify. It's definitely a huge transition and while a lot of things were smooth sailing, the biggest area where it has not been is shipping out orders. Through eBay I have been shipping without problems via USPS First Class Package. While shipping orders through Shopify I've mistakenly been using First Class Envelope instead. This means that many packages were unable to ship, and having seen others receive their orders on time I did not realize that there were other orders basically in limbo.

On Monday, March 13 I will be picking up any unsent packages from the post office, replacing their shipping labels, and updating everyone affected with the correct tracking information. I deeply apologize for all the delays this ended up causing and assure you that this won't affect any future orders! Shipping will be smooth sailing from now on :)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read through this. I know there are a few bugs going on with the site currently, so I've been working on an updated layout with better functionality and more features so you can have fun browsing through! ^^ That's all for now. I hope this answered any questions you may have had, but if not you can always contact us through the little button in the corner. Ur amazing!!! ☆

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